Bachmann, founded in 1947, is a company with a global presence in the electrical engineering sector. The Bachmann Group, based in Stuttgart, develops, manufactures and markets innovative electrical components and systems such as intelligent power distributors, desk-mounted connection panels and assemblies. In addition to the manufacturing expertise in their production and development centres in Germany and Romania, Bachmann has 30 sales offices and partner companies worldwide. With around 800 employees, the Bachmann Group sets new benchmarks in terms of specific customer benefits through function, design and innovation.

What do they do?

Bachmann offers solutions for various fields of application. Functional, stylish and modular electrical systems for the office, multiple sockets and desk connection panels. There are also different solutions for different sectors: for hoteliers, functional power distribution systems have been developed for modern interior design. In the home market, electrical products for stylish living are the focus, and in IT infrastructure, intelligent energy management for modern processing centres is taken into account.

What do they stand for?

In order to ensure long-term success, one of their main priorities is to ensure that products, services and processes are tailored as closely as possible to constantly changing market requirements, with a strong focus on innovation and quality. Bachmann's clear objective is healthy, continuous and international business growth, to which each individual makes his or her contribution. They place particular emphasis on the personal relationships they have built up, in some cases over many years, with customers and suppliers as well as with their own employees. Values such as future viability, passion and respect are deeply rooted in the company culture and underpin its daily activities.


At the Bachmann group, quality of life is promoted every day. With a focus on: the people, the doers. From apprentices to the CEO, every person in the company is an essential part of success. Together with their partners, customers and global business network. A portfolio of high-quality products, combined with a constant flow of new and groundbreaking ideas, create a unique recipe for success: the Bachmann story. Bachmann thus stands for quality, design and functionality. Whether you just want a multiple socket on or in your desk, with Bachmann there is always a solution.